Plastic bottles is non biodegradable, it will last for a lifetime. When plastics is put into waste it will be cut into small pieces and create a new kind of plastic material. These process are very toxic and very harmful for our health and environment.

Here are some do it yourself ideas for your unused plastic bottles.

1.) This was made in the Philippines. Water and bleach in bottle of coke was fitted on the roof. It absorbs and reflects sunlight and is equal to 55 watt … Cheers to Engineers of

2.) Small hydroelectric generating light with two PET bottles. The device is inserted in a plastic screw cap which creates a kind of luminous hourglass with water flowing between the PET bottles. Source:

3.) Plastic bottle into an elegant flower holder.

4.) As part of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) an enormous outdoor installation of fish was constructed using discarded plastic bottles on Botafogo beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The sculptures are illuminated from the inside at night creating a pretty spectacular light show. Love this. See much more over on this Rio+20 Flicker set. (via hungeree and razor shapes).

5.) Plastic Bottle Tops into an awesome sealer.

6.) DIY book rack out of plastic milk bottles.

7.) Detergent plastic bottles upcycled into napkin holder and flower holder. 

8.) Plastic softdrink containers into an awesome garage roofing.

9.) Hanging garden from plastic bottles.

10.) Plastic bottles into a wall garden.

11.) Flood rescue boat out of plastic softdrink containers.

12.) This is amazing! House made from plastic bottles!

13.) Elegant toy basket for kids.

14.) Elegant hanging garden.

15.) Halloween decor from plastic milk jugs.

16.) Beautiful chandelier.

17.) Shampoo bottle into a cool pen holder for kids.

18.) Solar Water Distillation

19.) Bottle trash bin.

20.)Center table.

21.) Umbrella holder. Dual purpose. Very genius!

22.) Plastic bottle roofing

23.) Magazine holder

24.) Pig coin bank. Kids will love this!

25.) Plastic bottle basket!


26.) Camping spoon

27.) Sala set out of plastic bottle caps

28.) Colorful Plastic wall garden idea.

29.) Plastic drum train for kids!

30.) Dual recycling idea out of old cd and plastic bottles. 

31.) Pencil holders

32.) How to make a hanging garden out of plastic bottles.

33.) Make your own spinach garden.

34.) Another hanging wall garden

35.) Bird cage

36.) A broom out of plastic bottles.

37.) Unique way to water your plant.

38.) Plastic leave chandelier.

39.) Small green house

40.) Kids home or storage room

41.) Plastic bottle lanterns

42.) Food storage

43.) Cool couch

44.) Kids will love this during parties.

45.) Cotton holder

46.) Parking roof! So cool!

47.) Another bird cage idea.

48.) Indoor garden idea





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